Hanjin Subic shipyard cruises in stride
By HHIC-Phil ExternalTrade Team
Hanjin Subic shipyard cruises in stride
Subic Bay Freeport Zone: As the global shipbuilding industry gathers momentum, Korean shipbuilder HHIC-Phil lnc. seizes every opportunity to gainfully contribute in the country¡¯s emerging maritime sector.
In March of this year, HHIC-Phil Inc. held the successful naming ceremony of ¡°M/V KOKSIJDE¡± and the delivery of ¡°M/V KAPELLEN¡±. They represent the 7th and 8th Liquefied Petroleum Gas Carriers to be built by HHIC-Phil Inc. for Europe-based shipowner EXMAR Shipping BVBA.
Like their previously delivered sister ships, the two aforesaid technologically advance and eco-friendly LPG carriers are a worthy and welcome addition to the growing fleet of EXMAR, which is an active player in the global energy supply chain. Each vessel measures 173.60 meters in length, 29.40 meters in width, 18.00 meters in depth, and has a loading capacity of 38,000m©ø.
Since the start of its commercial operations in 2008, HHIC-Phil Inc. has delivered a total 115 merchant vessels of various types and dimensions to leading shipping and logistics companies around the world.

Hanjin Subic shipyard bags high value newbuilding tonnage
Subic Bay Freeport Zone: Subic-based Korean shipbuilder HHIC-Phil Inc. has cemented its global footprint in the construction of high quality tonnage commercial vessels.
Recently, HHIC-Phil Inc. and EXMAR Shipping BVBA (¡°EXMAR¡±) have sealed a deal for two LPG carriers with a number of options, underscoring their strong business partnership mutually nurtured over the years. To be constructed in the immediate future, each LPG Carrier will have a capacity of 79, 500m©ø.
Prior to such a milestone newbuilding contract, HHIC-Phil Inc. already successfully delivered to EXMAR seven 38,000m©ø LPG carriers. The last one of such vessel series will join its owner in May 2018.
As of April 2018, HHIC-Phil Inc. has already exported in the international market a total of 115 merchant vessels comprising of bulk carrier, tanker, floating dock, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Carrier (LPGC), Very Large Crude Oil Carrier (VLCC) and Ultra Large Containership Carrier (ULCC).